Research associate i

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Iowa State University
The Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology at Iowa State University is currently accepting applications for a Research Associate I. The incumbent will work with a team of scientists on the biogeochemistry and microbial ecology of carbon and nitrogen cycling in terrestrial ecosystems.
The responsibilities of the position include: assisting with field and laboratory work related to microbial ecology and biogeochemistry; setting up and carrying out measurements on samples from the field and experiments; problem solving and implementing protocols in laboratory techniques and analysis (such as nucleic acid extraction, biogeochemical assays, PCR); operating sensitive equipment and optimizing settings for specific applications in order to measure soil samples for physiological and molecular analyses; providing training to undergraduate research assistants on laboratory assays; and assisting in maintaining laboratory safety, organization, and efficiency.
The successful candidate will possess strong organizational and time management skills; the ability to multi-task; demonstrated ability to make independent and well-informed analyses and decisions; and excellent communication skills (both written and oral). This position requires travel to carry out position responsibilities, and candidates must have the ability to be authorized to drive university vehicles and/or access to transportation. Bachelor's degree in a Life Science field and related experience.
Laboratory experience in microbial ecology, molecular microbiology, biogeochemistry or stable isotope ecology.

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