Software Engineer - Entry Level (for Physics Major) - Temporary

Company Name:
EnSoft Corp.
EnSoft designs and builds tools and processes that increase quality and security and reduce development time of complex software and cyber-physical systems. Today our products and services are used by over 200 companies worldwide including every major automotive, aerospace, and defense company in North America, Europe, and Asia.
We provide a unique opportunity for physicists looking for a position in Software Engineering. EnSoft values the excellent critical thinking skills and background in mathematics that physicists have. If you have strong thinking skills and adequate knowledge of programming, EnSoft will pay for you to take key courses in Software Engineering at Iowa State University while you work full-time as a Software Engineer.
As a software engineer at EnSoft, you will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects and gain valuable skills. We are looking for self-directed, bright, creative individuals. You will be exposed to a professional software development environment and work in a team alongside experienced software engineers.
Research, conceive, and develop software applications to extend and improve upon EnSoft's product and service offerings.
Contribute to one or more projects utilizing advanced graph algorithms, source code analysis, or control systems.
Solve all problems that come your way.
Skills and Qualifications

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