Research Microbiologist

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Salary period: Annual
The Research Microbiologist will be responsible for all aspects of culture collections maintenance, including acquisition, authentication, production, preservation, and a cataloguing, to support Functional Crop Care research initiatives.
I. Culture collection maintenance Complete assigned projects through effective communication with the Applications and Analytics Team Leader to meet defined objectives and timelines. Champion projects to completion. Develop and implement strain preservation protocols. Optimize culture media and conditions for growth to maximize the biomass yield for each of the strains. Identify, develop and adopt authentication methods and assays to maintain integrity of the collection (including PCR, taxonomic, biochemical technologies). Produce culture supplies of authenticated, reliable biological material to support research projects. Identify and justify the use of new technologies, methods, and equipment to pioneer new methods and assays to increase efficiency and quality of collection maintenance. Listen, communicate and network effectively within Seed Solutions team Globally and Regionally, and within entire community to leverage technical expertise and drive innovation. II. Documentation/Reporting Thoroughly document work in progress with well-written laboratory reports and communicate completed results to project team in a timely manner. Submit a written monthly report on activities and projects in progress to the Applications and Analytics Team Leader during the third week of each month. III. Other Other duties as assigned by supervisor.
Required Education: A bachelors degree in microbiology or closely related discipline is required. Master of Science degree in microbiology or related discipline is preferred. Required Work Experience: Minimum of 5 - 7 years microbiology or related work experience is required for applicants with a bachelors degree. Three to five years of microbiology or related work experience is required for candidates with an advanced degree. Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Required Skills or Traits for the Position: Effective time management to complete projects on schedule with ability to shift focus quickly when priorities change Results-oriented with broad thinking and vision Networking skills to build internal, external, and cross-functional relationships. Excellent written and oral communication skills Physical Requirements: Able to function under the physical effort/hazardous working conditions listed below. Specialized Training: Safety

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