GPS System Engineer

Company Name:
S&B Consulting, LLC
In this position you will be responsible for working with our GPS and related guidance products to identify and help solve performance improvement opportunities. You will be asked to develop a detailed understanding of GPS receivers, GPS augmentation services, guidance and related communications protocols used to interconnect these systems. You will grow to become our in house expert in these systems.
As we move to newer, more complex systems in the field a need exists to understand the capability and limitations of these systems and identify improvements that will give our customers better performance.
A large part of this job will involve analyzing data collected by various parts of the overall system to understand where issues may occur and making recommendations of possible improvements. This will include sometimes working with our customers and communicating technically with outside suppliers to resolve problems and make improvements.
Responsibilities Include:
Growing knowledge about GPS and related augmentation systems and key parameters affecting performance
Understanding and working with RTK radios and NTRIP networks.
Working with our internal staff as well as testers and customers to gather needed data.
Developing ability to analyze available data to recommend needed improvements
Working with internal and external suppliers to incorporate recommended changes
Using tools and software to analyze collected data and communications between system components
At least a BS Engineering Degree with ability to perform systems analysis work
General understanding of communications systems and protocol analysis
Ability to analyze system data and solve problems effectively with minimal supervision
Interest in continuing to learn about GPS and guidance systems and their limitations in real world applications.
Interest and ability to grow and become a GPS systems expert for our company
Ability to communicate effectively with management and coworkers
Ability to communicate technically with outside suppliers
An agriculture background is a plus but not required.
General knowledge of GPS systems at the application level is a plus but not required

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