Automation Technical Lead

Company Name:
Xpanxion, LLC
Position Type:
Automation Technical Lead
position provides direct and indirect oversight over a wide range of software projects. Powerful communication and presentation is key, along with the technical ability to not only manage a wide array of tech resources such as software developers, testers, and IT analysts, but the ability to dive into all the work at hands on level when needed. This ranges from basic coding and software testing to high level project and company strategies, resource allocation, building teams, and managing client communications. Projects vary in terms of technologies and languages used, so a broad yet deep technical background is required for success.
Responsibilities (including but not limited to):
Leads and manages the complexity of multiple software delivery projects
Recognizes under-performing projects and resources and determines solutions to meet high client and internal expectations
Mentors less experienced team members explaining advanced technical information and providing specialized technical guidance
Provide hands on assistance to troubled resources or projects
Participate in resource allocation and building out new teams
Onboard new team members and kick off new projects
Accurately, identify under-utilized or over-performing resources
Manage assigned projects while building productive internal/external relationships
Collaborate with senior management in developing a solution strategy and statement of work during the sales

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