Data Modeler

Company Name:
Xpanxion, LLC
Position Type:
Data Modeler
The IT Data Modeler is responsible for the company's use of data as a strategic enabler of corporate goals. The Data Modeler will achieve this by designing, developing, and implementing data models for enterprise-level applications and systems. Role is responsible for development and maintenance of conceptual, logical, and physical models which may be relational or dimensional models.
Responsible for development and maintenance of conceptual, logical, and physical data models
Develop project level data models, which provide basis for detailed design of all applications including data warehouses/marts and transactional systems
Identifies data organized into logical groupings and domains, independent of any application or system
Collaborate with project teams and stakeholders to define objects, entities, attributes, relationships, and business rules
Create data objects (DDL)
Analyzes business rules, use cases, and object models for applicability in the development of a data model
Works with Enterprise Data Architect to validate project data model against the Enterprise Data Model
Establishes data definitions and values at the object/entity level
Map business requirements to logical and physical data models
Reverse engineer source system data structures
Collaborate with Data Architects for data model management and version control
The Data Modeler will participate in a variety of projects, and work with various resources and

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