Sales Assistant Extraordinaire

Company Name:
EnSoft Corp.
Position Type:
EnSoft Corp. is an engineering software company located within the Iowa State University Research Park. We have over 250 customers worldwide, a majority of which are multinational Automobile and Aerospace companies.
We need someone who is friendly and detail-oriented to help us manage our increasing customer base. Tasks will include routing incoming e-mails and mail to the correct person, processing orders and quote requests, maintaining customer records, helping resolve any customer issues, and other business related tasks.
You will learn:
about the corporate structure of large multi-national Automobile and Aerospace companies
how to use Salesforce.com - a popular Customer Relationship Management system
about North American, Asian, and European business practices and culture
how a small business operates
and much more!
Job Skills / Requirements
Courteous and caring: Our customers love our products; we want to show them our appreciation too.
Detail oriented: We are pretty casual around here except when it comes to accurate records. (It's hard to be courteous and caring when you misspell someone's name)
Strong writer: Most of your interactions with customers will be through email, so it's important that you have strong writing skills and can represent the company professionally through your writing.
Quality-driven: The ideal candidate for this position is someone who cares

Don't Be Fooled

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